Generation 1, Chapter 1- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

This blog is PG. Nothing serious, but some mild language. (none in this post) Thank you for understanding! Smile


Lilly’s POV

I lay on the mattress, my hair rumpled and my body completely naked. I shot up, rubbing my tired and throbbing head. What on earth happened last night…?

Memories flooded back of my mother’s wedding to Robin, my makeshift “father”… Chris showing up- Chris showing up, oh good Lord in heaven give me strength-

“Lilly?” A deep voice besides me interrupts my train of thought. “Lilly, are you ok?’”


I whip my head around to see Chris smiling at me, his eyes tired with a small smile plastered on his face. He’s completely naked besides the sheet covering his lower region.

So wait- if I’m naked, and he’s naked, and we’re in a bed-

Oh no.

No no no no no no no.

I’m jolted with sudden memories of leaving the reception early, both of us putting our son, Stuie to bed then him kissing me and I stop my memories suddenly. Too much information.

“Um, hi!” I smile, my voice several notes too high. “How are you Chris?”

“You don’t remember last night, do you?” A look of amusement passes his face. “Don’t worry, you were pretty pissed. I had to carry you to bed and every time we’d go through a doorway you’d be yelling : “Where the hell is Narnia?!””


“Oh,” I say, embarrassed but unsure of what to say. “ Alcohol does that to me.”

“I know. I’ve known you for a very long time, Lilly Best.” He says, his voice suddenly soft. I turned away from his gaze. Yes, I know that we have a child together and everything, but under his gaze I still feel like that innocent middle-school kid with no father and a bucketload of zits on my face.

“About last night,” I say suddenly, “What exactly happened?”

“What do you think, tell me that, Lilly? I’m naked and you are too…” He chuckles. “I never knew you to be like this, Lilly, do you need to talk about the birds and the bees again?” He teases me.

I’m about to give some sarcastic comment when two year old Stuie yells from across the house, “Mommy, hungwy.”

I shove the sheet off me and bounce up- then realize that Chris is staring at me. He looks away to give me privacy and I pull a nightgown over my body, then a robe.

“You better get ready,” I say blithely. “We have that family picnic. And I suggest you get dressed instead of coming like that, my family already doesn’t like you.” Then I walk out to get Stuie (Stewart) ready.


Twenty minutes later, I’m in a form fitting floral dress (Zara, $40) that’s sexy but also screams “I’m a responsible mother who did not have a teen pregnancy but has an amazing life and I know you want to be like me”. Perfect.

Stuie has gotten obsessed with werewolves, so he’s wearing a “Mommy’s Little Werewolf” shirt (Bread and Butter Boutique, $30) that makes him look even more totally adorable. I really need to go buy more stuff from that boutique more often- say he goes through a wizard phase! or a vampire one! Then I can get some more!


Chris is wearing an expensive Prada shirt (unsure of the price) and some cheap jeans. Gosh, he looks so sexy in that…

No, I tell myself as I strap Stuie in the child car seat on the way to the long drive to Sunlit Tides, look what happened last time you fell for him.

I get into Chris’ car (he’s a business man, just starting up his own PR business that’s doing really well) and I breathe in his familiar scent- Armani aftershave and tee-tree oil. It’s delicious.

“Right , Herman, I’ll be on it. Yes, I do know what comes with this contract, we can all work those extra hours, this contact is so important, it cold make us famous!” Chris exclaims into his IPhone, starting the car. Stuie randomly starts singing a mixture of Jingle Bells and Humpty Dumpty, so Chris smiles and says into his phone, “My son and my…girlfriend are waiting to go. Yes, I have a son…I know I didn’t tell you, I need to go. Bye, see you on Monday.”

There’s an awkward silence in the Hyundai as Chris starts the car and Stuie dozes off.

Girlfriend? I’m his girlfriend?

“Look, Lilly, I’m sorry. But it makes things awkward for me. What else am I supposed to say? My wife? My teen crush who I once got pregnant and her grandfather, mother and whole family hates me?”

“They don’t hate you!” I exclaim. “They’re angry at both of us for getting pregnant at 17… And I apologized. You didn’t.”

Apologize? Bull!” Chris yells and hits the steering wheel in frustration. “It’s not only my fault that you got pregnant ! I can’t get you pregnant without you doing anything! You were willing.

“Chris, calm down,” I say sharply. He’s silent.

“Are you my girlfriend, Lilly?” His voice is softer than this morning.

“I-I don’t know. That may’ve been another one night stand…Chris! Chris!! What the hell are you doing?!

Chris is pulling out the lane onto a dirt road. He stops abruptly and he unbuckles his seat belt and leans over to me.

“Chris, what on earth-“

My words are muted as he leans over and kisses me.


This is the best thing I’ve ever felt.

There’s this rising in my chest, this ecstasy that I can’t control. I  pull him closer to me and begin to unbutton his shirt.

“Calm down,” he laughs, this growly, teasing tone that I love. “We have the whole car ride.”


I stagger out the car at Sunlit Tides and wake Stuie up. We’re at Grandma Becks’ new house for a family and friends BBQ. It takes me several minutes to get Stuie alert and awake. Thank goodness he was asleep for most of that car ride, the poor kid would be scarred for life.

“Lilly!” Becks runs over and gives me a hug. “What took you guys so long?”

Chris, who’s holding a grizzly Stuie, winks at Becks.

“Oooh, I see,” she smiles at me, and I thank the Lord that Becks likes Chris quite a lot. Grandpa Logan would probably punch Chris in jaw like he did when he saw him at the wedding.

We walk through the garden, with Chris’s arm around me and Stuie following us in his unsure trod, and I can hear whispers from my extended family members. “Teen pregnancy”, “Apparently he spent the night with her!” and my least favourite, “That dress makes her look easy.” Tears prick at my eyes and Chris wipes them away.

“I can’t believe your extended family is so rude, those pigs.” I giggle and he pulls me tighter to him and pecks me on the cheek. There are several wolf whistles from behind and Chris whips around to see Alex and Robin standing by the barbeque , both with beers in their hands and laughing themselves silly.

“Nice, going at it in the garden! We have children here, you know,” Robin yells.

“I wouldn’t say anything if I was you, Sargent Rabbit!” Chris yells over his shoulder and Alex doubles up laughing.

Chris follows Becks, who is hopping up the steps to head to the kitchen. I walk in first to see Logan, Mom and Aunt Natalie leaning against the counters , a glass of wine in Natalie’s hand, Logan popping chips into his mouth and mom pouring non-alcoholic bubbly into a glass.

I catch a snippet of their conversation as I hesitate outside the door.

“Really, Cassy, I don’t think their attitude at the wedding was very respectful. Sneaking out, not even saying goodnight with Stuie in tow going to who knows where to do who knows what?” Logan’s voice calls out.

“We all know what they were doing!’” Natalie giggles. She’s obviously pretty drunk already.

“Shut up Natalie. Yeah, Logan, I agree with you. Though I have no say whatsoever in what she does. She’s moved out with Stuie. She’s an adult now.”

I take a deep breath and walk in.

“Hi guys!”

“Lilly!” Natalie envelopes me in a hug. “Stuie!” She runs after her grandkid and I exhale. It’s like I’m facing a firing squad. Logan and my mother, all disapproving of my stunt last night.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I see Chris behind me for support. Logan’s jaw tightens as he sees him and mom’s eyes narrow.


“Lilly,” Logan greets me pointedly. Mom nods at me.

“Say hello to Chris too,” I say loudly.

“Hello, Chris,” Mom says, turning away and checking her mobile.

Logan stays silent.

“Say hello, Logan!” I cry. I suddenly feel nauseous. I can’t believe I just spoke to him like that.

“Lilly!” Mom warns.

Logan stays silent.

“Hello, Logan,” Chris suddenly says, and holds out his hand to Logan, turning on the charm.

My heart pumps. This is a peace offering.  Logan could refuse then hand and this happy feeling would sink rapidly, or he could accept it- then what? Then would all be good again? I wasn’t sure.

There was no movement from Logan for about a minute.

Then gingerly, he accepted Chris’ hand.

“Hello, Chris,” He says warmly, I’m not sure if it’s a facade or not. “Welcome to the family.”


Several days later, Chris and I are still in Sunlit Tides. It’s been bliss for the past few days. Each day a surprise, and each night- well, bliss. Chris has been doing paperwork and checking his emails in the mornings. Then, for the next 22 hours, it’s just for me and him, just time to catch up on the last few years.

“Lilly?” He says one night, his arms wrapped around mine.


“Do you think Logan really likes me?”

“To be honest? No. But he’s trying. And that’s all that matters.”

“I guess you’re right.” He sighs and he turns over. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with this dizzy feeling as I get up and Natalie, who’s walking in to collect washing, grabs my arm to settle me.


“Funny,” She laughs. “I always get like that when I’m pregnant.”

Chris’ head pops up in alarm.

“Lilly?” He says in a strange voice.

I don’t reply. I just think.

When was the last time-

That was…

Oh no.

No no no no no nooooo.



  Credits to Becks Best (pics) Logan Fey (Storyline) Hannah Sims (writing) Emily Baker (writing)


2 thoughts on “Generation 1, Chapter 1- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. slughorn28 says:

    This is some of your best writing. I think I am going to like this story and I hope Logan doesn’t like Chris. It would make for a great story.

  2. Addy says:

    sounds like it’s time to get Stuie an “I’m gonna be a big brother” shirt lol
    Great chapter.

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